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Essayez d'être humain
2022 • Essayez d'être humain By Lind Bohm

Essayez d'être humain I - where do we come from

Œuvre Musique

Where do we come from? The world has come out of Love, this world exists out in love and this world ultimately dissolves in Love. Breathe in Love. Sing in Love. Eat in Love. Drink in Love. Talk in love. Pray in Love. Think in Love. Move in Love. Die in Love. Purify yout thoughts, speech and action in the fire of Love. Bathe and plunge in the sacred ocean of Love. Imbibe the honey of Love and become an embodiment of Love.

Lind Bohm• Essayez d'être humain

Photo by JBK

Photo by JBK

Photo by JBK

Essayez d'être humain by Lind Bohm (Versuch Mensch zu sein) - a trilogy - includes a selection of compositions by Lind Bohm, which deals with our common human existence while dreaming of a better future.  Each piece reflects on the notion of "Essayez d'être humain" in its broadest sense and makes it audible through the particular medium of sound. Part I "Where Do We Come From" was inspired by our origins, Part 2 "People Matter" addresses our existence and self-discovery. Part 3 "Hopes And Dreams" stands for itself.

2023 • Essayez d'être humain By Lind Bohm